About Us

About Us

Havre Medical Services is a multi-utility Medical Equipment Service and Solutions Company in Nigeria. At Havre Medical Services we understand the integral role medical equipment and devices play in ensuring the survival of patients. This is why we provide health care institutions and laboratories with topnotch medical equipment services at affordable rates to ensure sustained value and long term value on investment.  

The establishment was birthed to help fill up the vacuum created by the deplorable state of the Nigerian healthcare sector. We can accomplish this by providing our clients with a wide range of services which include: timely maintenance service, consulting for the best solutions in improving healthcare needs, and sourcing for the right medical technology that will help save lives.  

To optimize the quality of human life, equipment quality; durability; ease of use; precision accuracy, and reliability for effective quality diagnosis and treatment are critical in earning trust, instilling confidence, and saving lives and this is what we manage.

Our Team

Driving a positive change and pioneering improvements in the Nigerian healthcare sector requires the skills of committed and competent professionals. Our Engineers, Sales personnel, Business Development personnel, and all the other experts/partners that make up our dynamic team are the drivers behind our successes and achievements.

We pride ourselves in our ability to engage people who are selfless and passionate about touching lives through excellent healthcare services. We want to believe that at the end of every service we render a life is saved. Hence, we constantly build relationships with our clients to provide wholesome customer experiences that translate into saving a life.


Our partners are key industry leaders around the world with 15 years experience in Manufacturing, Sales and Maintenance of Medical equipment and consumables. Their areas of specialty spans from emergency equipment, durable equipment, preventive care, ICU, surgical, and laboratory equipment.

Why Work With Us

At Havre Medical Services, we believe that health is wealth, thus, by working with us you are actively contributing to the general wellbeing of every client associated with your institution. Work with us in partnership as we have the best hands on deck for operations, servicing, and in manufacturing of hospital and medical equipment.

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